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Wellcome to Exir Tejarat’s Website, We can help you with the following business field:

Hydro Instruments manufactures the world's highest quality gas chlorinators, gas chlorination systems and chemical metering equipment. Hydro gas chlorinators & residual chlorine analyzers have become globally recognized as the most ruggedly designed highest quality and longest lasting available.

Hydro Instruments product line includes: chlorine gas feeders, residual chlorine analyzers and chlorination equipment, ejectors, dechlorination systems, calibration columns and corporation stops for chemical injection.

·         Gas Chlorination system and complete accessories and safety devices. فارسی    العربیه

·         ClO2 Production unit

EMEC S.r.l

Electronic Metering Equipment and Control Ltd (EMEC) are leading manufacturers of Chemical Dosing Equipment, Controls and Systems supported by a comprehensive range of products which includes the following:

·         Metering and Chemical Dosing Unit

·         Measuring and Online Controlling system

  • Chemical Dosing Metering Pumps

  • Temperature, Chlorine, Turbidity, pH/ORP, Conductivity Instruments

  • Temperature, Chlorine, Turbidity, pH/ORP, Conductivity Probes

  • Water Meters

    For the ME we can offer an individual service for your liquid storage, transfer and chemical dosing needs.


Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd (AIS)

  With a strong commitment to global water and wastewater treatment, AIS has developed a solid international reputation, placing the company at the forefront of evolving technology and expertise to improve the quality of water.

The AIS product range includes residential and commercial salt-water chlorine generators under the Autochlor™ brand, in-line fresh water chlorine generators under the Ecoline™ brand, onsite chlorine generators under the Chlorogen™ brand, activated anodes, and component parts for the chlor-alkali industry.

Our chlorine generation systems are easy to install and operate; provide on-demand sodium hypochlorite production; eliminate dependence on chemical suppliers; constant disinfection by-product formation; improved water quality; reduced maintenance.

  • Electrochlorinator Package



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